Spring Winders is the jewelry designer and fabricator behind Heliotrope.

All Heliotrope pieces are made in the Heliotrope casting and production studio in Barrio Viejo, just south of Downtown Tucson, Arizona. 

Spring gathers inspiration from the jagged landscapes, the startling sunsets, the radiantly bizarre plant life, the abundance of wild, survivalist creatures, the strangeness of the desert, and the juxtaposition of vulnerability with timeless strength.

Spring was born and raised in Arizona. She studied art at NAU, traveled as much as she could afford, lived elsewhere, moved to Tucson in 2012, started really focusing on becoming a jeweler for real, and now lives with her partner, Logan, and their toddler twin girls.💚💚

She loves watching storms and stars, back floating, listening to audiobooks, hammock lounging, and eating licorice. But not all at the same time.